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  • What Price- Peonies?

    Portland Tribune Column

    Priceless Peonies Anne Jaeger What’s the value of a flower? Sure, it depends on whom you ask. Some wouldn’t call flowers invaluable, and others could care less. So, whether that concept strikes you as priceless or pointless, you will still be shocked by the price tags on today’s peony flowers. When it comes to peonies, … Read More

  • Lookie-Lou’s Guide To Gardens

    Portland Tribune Column

    There’s Only One Springtime Portland Tribune “HOME” Springtime is a once a year celebration in the garden, and this year seems very different. The cherry, crabapple, lilac, dogwood and plum trees are so “poofy” they can hardly hold their flowers up. Have you noticed that every single branch is so covered with flowers it obscures … Read More

  • Cycles of Cyclamen

    Home and Garden Journal

    Anne Jaeger Looking for something as pretty as an Easter egg to bring life to your holiday table? I’ve got just the thing. Who could top a shooting star? Okay, well, real shooting stars are little hard to get a hold of (what with that nasty space dust and all) so I’m going for the … Read More

  • January’s Flowers

    Portland Tribune Column

      Anne Jaeger At first blush, January’s garden seems a quiet affair. Most of the perennials are resting and remain dormant until their big spring fling; the trees are in their birthday suits and summers excess is a distant memory. However, right under our noses, intermittent flecks of colorful blooms slowly unfurl under a winter … Read More

  • Daffodils to Fight Cancer

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger What a sight to see Nikolette Harris light up with the gift of fresh daffodils. And heaven knows this little Beaverton girl deserves them. So much of Nikolette’s world must be a complete mystery. There is no explaining why a 10 year old would have to fight cancer twice in such a short … Read More

  • What Lived? After Cold Snap.

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger   Good news growing from the thawed tundra. There’s now even more evidence that Mother Nature protects herself from disaster. It’s surprising how many plants made it through the freeze. Here’s what I’ve got from my garden case file: Dormant Dahlias Not Dead *I’m happy to report that the dahlia tubers look fine. … Read More