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  • Plants- After a Cold Spell

    Portland Tribune Column

    Cold Weather Plants Anne Jaeger   “Going, going, gone.” Well, maybe not yet. You’ve got to have faith that it’s still too soon to tell how bad the cold snap zapped our precious plants. I know I’ve lost some of my favorites, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to give up hope of a … Read More

  • Gnomes

    Portland Tribune Column

    Gnome Place like Home If my inner child had a physical manifestation, it would be a garden gnome holding a small wheelbarrow, shovel at the ready. I don’t have one (my daughter won’t let me) but I love what garden gnomes represent; a good-natured world where “we” and “nature” are in perfect balance–a utopian society … Read More

  • Freak Show Lily

    Portland Tribune Column

    Freak Show Anne Jaeger Take a good look at that Casa Blanca lily, will you? One hundred, yes, 100 blooms on one huge stalk. Incredible, huh? One look and it makes me wonder “how’d that happen?”  Oh, and more importantly where can I get one? This photo from Lake Oswego gardener Libby Noble had me … Read More

  • Fall Slug Fest

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Slugs; can’t live with ‘um, can’t live without ‘um. Wait! What am I saying? That’s just the point! We desperately want to live without them. But how? Claudia Groth (I call her the slug lady) is the most slug savvy person I’ve ever met. Groth is the product information manager for Whitney Farms … Read More

  • Cycles of Cyclamen

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger The shift comes suddenly. One minute you’re out on the patio dining al fresco the next you’re huddled inside with a blanket over your toes. Another great gardening season is winding down. All it took was a little bit of rain to flip the switch and before you know it, we’ve shifted our … Read More

  • Fall is for Foliage

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Fall is for foliage; that high falutin’ gardening word for “leaves”. But remember, leaves don’t have to leave us in the winter. In other words, the foliage doesn’t have to fall off in fall. One of my all time favorite pots is filled with plants that sparkle all winter long. Nothing like looking … Read More