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  • Flowering Maple-Blooms All Summer

    Portland Tribune Column

    Flowering Maples Anne Jaeger Here’s today’s garden riddle: When is a maple not really a maple? When it’s a flowering maple, an Abutilon, that’s when. Lord only knows how a flowering maple got its name because Abutilon would never be confused with a maple tree. Okay, okay, some folks think the leaves of a flowering … Read More

  • TOOLS- A Gardeners Jewels

    Portland Monthly Magazine

    TOOLS: A Gardeners Jewels Portland Monthly Magazine Anne Jaeger Dig Deep What separates us from animals, we were told, is the use of tools. A monkey using a twig as dip stick for tasty ants dispelled the fairy tale. Evolution taught us the sophistication of our tools, among other traits set us apart. Intelligence is … Read More

  • The Mystique of An English Garden

    Portland Monthly Magazine

    Anne Jaeger Portland Monthly: Dig Deep English Garden Mystique Forget-Me-Not, Love-In-a-Mist and Passion flower – these flower names evoke the ethereal mood of an English Cottage garden. Romantic and sentimental by nature, this style of garden is billowy and free flowing– an idealistic wild child rebelling against the order and discipline of its formal landscape … Read More

  • Crocosmia-Hummingbirds Droll Over it

    Portland Tribune Column

    Flowers that hum right along. Anne Jaeger   What we have here is your run of the mill crocosmia. Average in every way save a couple of important exceptions; It’s easy to grow, it’s beautiful and hummingbirds drool over it. Those lil’ winged wonders make a beeline to the crocosmia (say: crow-coz-me-ya) named “Lucifer” before … Read More

  • Garden Gossip- Celebrities Buy Oregon

    Portland Tribune Column

    Gardening Disclosures Anne Jaeger I’ve got a couple of gardening disclosures. Both require some effort on your part, so fasten your seat belt and hold on tight. We’re traveling again. Sorta Secret #1 Oscar DeLa Renta, Nancy Kissinger and Martha Stewart share a fabulous secret. Of course, they’ve never discussed this driving passion between them … Read More

  • Bee Balm Believer

    Portland Tribune Column

    Bee Balm Anne Jaeger On Gardening Next time you are be bopping around your garden find a place for bee balm. You’d swear Dr. Seuss drew them into your landscape just for a touch of whimsy. Bee balm or Monarda is one of those “unappreciated” flowers. Bees and hummingbirds certainly make a fuss over it … Read More