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  • Passion for Primroses. Oregon’s Flower

    Home and Garden Journal

    Passion for Primroses Anne Jaeger The Primrose, Homegrown in Oregon. Did you know that Oregon was once world famous for its primroses? We tend to think of primroses as a Victorian plant from England. After all, the Victorians really were the “prim-est” of the prim, well… besides the puritans. Anyway, the primrose was a pretty … Read More

  • No Fair like the State Fair

    Home and Garden Journal

    No Fair like the State Fair Anne Jaeger The kids head for the rides.  I go for the flowers. On the way out, we both make a bee line for piping hot sugary elephant ears. Yeah, that’s my idea of a perfect day at the Oregon State Fair. While they’re on the “E” rides for … Read More

  • Elephant Ears at the Oregon State Fair

    Home and Garden Journal

    Elephant Ears at the Oregon State Fair Anne Jaeger If you like elephant ears at the fair, let me show you biggest you’ve ever seen. I’m not talkin’ about your run of the mill elephant ears; these are low calorie, in fact, they are NO calorie! I’m sure you’ve surmised by now that these aren’t … Read More

  • Winter Haven for Hummingbirds

    Portland Tribune Column

    The Hummingbirds of Winter Anne Jaeger On Gardening I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve got hummingbirds at my house. You too? Darn, and here I thought I was special. Fact is, Scott Lukens of the Backyard Birdshop can’t remember a better winter for hummingbirds. Lukens sees four regulars coming for cocktails at his house … Read More

  • What’s The Matter With Yer ‘maters’

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger What’s The Matter With ‘maters’ “Whasamadderwidyertamayters?”  Garden translation; “What is the matter with your tomatoes?”  Not ripe yet?  Brown leathery spots on the bottom?  Water soaked dark brown circles on the leaves, fruit and stems?  I understand.  You’ve spent the summer tending those babies and now nothing is turning out as you planned. … Read More

  • Verbascum- Tall Spires

    Portland Tribune Column

    June’s Tall Spires Anne Jaeger Verbascum: Tall Spires. Tall spires cast a statuesque pose in the summer garden; delphinium, larkspur, foxglove and now verbascum is making a comeback too. All are excellent choices if you are looking for plants with poise and grace for your garden bed. And although delphinium, larkspur and foxglove have always … Read More