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  • The Holiday Hunt- Gifts for Gardeners

    Portland Tribune Column

    The Holiday Hunt Anne Jaeger I’ve worn myself ragged! I’ve been out gift shopping for you. Well, not for you exactly, but I’ve been looking for last minute gifts which you can give. By this time you’re holiday panic is in high gear and you need just about anything to stuff the stocking. I know … Read More

  • Sellwood Garden Tour-Annual Adventure

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Sellwood Garden Tour Annual Adventure   “Gardening is intensely personal” says Thomas Aschenbrener as he looks over his neatly designed garden in his Sellwood neighborhood of Southeast Portland “I do my own design, I do my own maintenance, I do it all myself.” His work is an inspiration. Especially when you discover none … Read More

  • Roses-Experts Pick Favorites

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger “The Subject was Roses” The smell of a rose is heaven scent. Mike Donahue has known this since he was a little boy growing up among the roses on a farm outside Albany.   Today the veteran anchor and reporter at KOIN local 6 News says the deep essence of his favorite rose reminds … Read More

  • Roadtrip-Cistus

    Portland Tribune Column

    Roadtrips #3  (Cistus) Cistus Design Nursery 22711 NW Gillihan Road. Sauvie Island, Oregon   503-282-7706   First of all, the drive alone is enough to make your heart sing.  You’ve got a stunning view of Mt. St. Helens, Adams and Rainer as you travel north along Sauvie Island on your way to Cistus Design Nursery.  About … Read More

  • Road Trip- The Oregon Garden

    Portland Tribune Column

    The Ultimate Oregon Garden Experience Anne Jaeger They’re still planting at the Oregon Garden and will be as long as the garden gate’s open. Eye popping annuals are going in at a dizzying pace as we speak. So, although the 240 acre garden in Silverton is on the 20 year plan, but there’s still plenty … Read More

  • Pressure Treated Wood & Vegetables

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger “Wood not eat that if I were you.” I’ve got something important I want to talk to you about. Do you have raised garden beds for your vegetables? What kind of wood are they made of? Don’t know? Let me help you figure it out, because you’re gonna wanna know. Your health may … Read More