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  • Until You See Red-Fall Tomato Tricks

    Portland Tribune Column

    Tomatoes Anne Jaeger Until You See Red-Fall Tomato Tricks There is an epidemic this summer: a rash of tomato truancy. Yeah, the red ones are shirking their responsibility, showing up late or not at all. The final bell for summer is about to ring and we’ve still got more green than red on the vine. … Read More

  • Too Much of a Good Thing- Overwatering

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger   Too Much Of A Good Thing: Overwatering. We’re supposed to drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day.  By about glass number six I’m gasping for air like a blowfish.  The same can happen to the potted plants out on the patio or in your flowerbeds. Too much of a good … Read More

  • Tiny Garden Railroads

    Portland Tribune Column

    Railroad Gardens Anne Jaeger The historic Colorado and Southern Railroad is making daily stops in Bill Derville’s backyard garden in Beaverton these days. Okay, the real (full size) mining railroad runs through Leadville, south of Vail, Colorado but you can hop on board a special hometown tiny replica here this weekend. A railroad garden combines … Read More

  • Timed Watering

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Five o’clock in the morning and a carefully choreographed dance begins like clockwork all over Portland. The movement is instrumental to life itself; you’re doing it, your neighbors are doing it and yet, most of us never give it much thought. Maybe that’s because there’s nothing sexy about automatic sprinkler systems until summers … Read More

  • The Zoo’s Silkworms & Mulberry

    Portland Tribune Column

    What’s eating you? Anne Jaeger On Gardening There’s an “All Points Bulletin” at the zoo for mulberry leaves. Got any? Yes, it’s kind of a strange request and it sure caught my attention when the Oregon Zoo reported that mulberry leaves were being chewed almost to extinction there. I mean people are always asking me … Read More

  • The Power of Flowers in Selling Homes

    Portland Tribune Column

    The Power of Flowers To Sell Homes Anne Jaeger Portland Tribune @ Home   Flowers have special powers. It’s amazing how flowers can lift your spirits, but imagine how good you’ll feel when the little lovelies help sell your house in a hurry? If you enjoy gardening that is not news to you, but for … Read More