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Anne Jaeger is the “garden gal” on TV, Radio and in print.

  • Flower Arrangements for Your Thanksgiving Table


    Anne on KGW talking about flower arrangements for the upcoming holiday!

  • Holiday Holly- Oregon’s Story

    Portland Monthly Magazine

    Portland Monthly: Dig Deep Holiday Holly: Oregon’s Story A fir tree is a tree until becoming the family Christmas tree but Holly always evokes that feeling with its ready made holiday colors. Blame it on this tree’s unusual appearance; Bright clusters of jewel red berries held in striking contrast to spiky green leaves shining  with … Read More

  • English Cottage Gardening

    Portland Monthly Magazine

    Father of Impressionism, transcriber of light, shadow, wind, water and flowers, Claude Monet valued his paint brushes as much as his secateurs. Monet did not approach art for arts sake only; his tools fueled a powerful addiction— to gardening. When asked which painting he liked best– Monet made no secret of the compulsion “My garden … Read More

  • Oregon’s Outdoor Orchids

    Portland Monthly Magazine

    [Dig Deep] Ann Jaeger Oregon’s Outdoor Orchids Orchids are the supermodels of the plant world; beautiful, but ever so intimidating. Gardeners dismiss them as difficult, temperamental or persnickety hot house flowers. But all this name calling is completely undeserved. Most people are surprised to find out you can actually grow orchids outdoors in Oregon. Sean … Read More

  • Tropicals Heat Up Oregon

    Home and Garden Journal

    Tropicals Heat Up Oregon Anne Jaeger Think about it for a second…. The weather is already getting hot, so why not follow the sun and go tropical this year in your own backyard? No need to dig up the yard and put in new tropicals (well you can if you want to, but really why … Read More

  • Big FAT Juicy Tomatoes

    Home and Garden Journal

    Big FAT Juicy Tomatoes Anne Jaeger Just the thought of a big, fat, juicy tomato straight from the garden gets me completely twitterpaited!  That first tomato of the year, so big and sugary, the juice runs down your arm. Man, I can hardly wait! And if you’re thinking you can’t grow tomatoes this year because … Read More