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  • Portland Tribune Tulips

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger   Keeping Cut Tulips Fresh Perhaps it’s a curse. Every time I see a tulip the irritating falsetto voice of the late Tiny Tim plays “Tip Toe through the Tulips” like a warped 8 track tape in my head.  (Do you remember him and Miss Vicky on Laugh In and Johnny Carson’s Tonight … Read More

  • Portland Best Rose

    Portland Tribune Column

    Portland’s Best Rose Anne Jaeger Sure they say “A rose is a rose is a rose” but not when it’s ‘Day Breaker.’ ‘Day Breaker’ is a deal breaker when it comes to roses. This rose has four inch yellow buds opening into sprays of flowers with shades of pink and then apricot. The flowers actually … Read More

  • Lily Satisfaction

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Lily Satisfaction Marilyn Monroe wanted desperately to be taken seriously as an actress.  It wasn’t enough that she was gorgeous and had a natural knack for comedic timing. Some people are never satisfied with what they are.   I wonder if the same holds true for plants.  Do some plants dream of growing into … Read More

  • Great Tips From Gardeners

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Gardeners Tips: Sum’er Good , Sum’er not.  Don’t you just love it when other gardeners share some of their timesaving tips with you? Good ideas are like money in the bank. You just can’t get enough. The best thing about a really good practical idea is that it costs practically nothing. Here are … Read More

  • Furniture Provenance HOME STORIES

    Portland Tribune Column

    “The Provenance of Furniture” Anne Jaeger Portland Tribune “Home” “That piece just speaks to me!” Usually that statement refers to art, but some buyers won’t even consider a piece of furniture unless it really speaks to them.” Some of us are drawn to contemporary furniture, the kind of couches, chairs and accoutrements which allow us … Read More

  • Balcony Veggies

    Portland Tribune Column

    Portland Tribune Even if you don’t have a pot to put a pea in, you will be surprised to learn you have enough space for a garden on your balcony, patio or outside your studio apartment window. Why not grow an “Edible Sunshine Theme Garden” in a container on your balcony? You’ll harvest cherry tomatoes, … Read More