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  • Garden Title2

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  • Passion for Primroses

    Home and Garden Journal

    The Primrose, Homegrown in Oregon. Did you know that Oregon was once world famous for its primroses? We tend to think of primroses as a Victorian plant from England. After all, the Victorians really were the “prim-est” of the prim, well… besides the puritans. Anyway, the primrose was a pretty boring flower until 1638. That’s … Read More

  • August Garden Bits & Pieces

    Portland Tribune Column

    Portland Tribune Anne Jaeger on Gardening Little things mean a lot in the summer garden: BBQ burgers and friends al fresco, water fights, running through the sprinkler and loitering in the hammock to name but a few. We get the chance to enjoy life when the garden slows down in August. Or maybe we’re just … Read More

  • Hot Pots & Plant Picks

    Portland Tribune Column

    Hot Pots Anne Jaeger   Talk about some hot pots for very cool parts of the city…. Wow! Just set your eyes skyward in the Pearl, Park blocks or historic Irvington and you can’t help but see the creativity packed into pots all over Portland. Don’t you wish someone would sweep in, bring all the … Read More

  • Flowers On Display TOUR

    Portland Tribune Column

      Anne Jaeger Oregon is blessed with such a bounty of breathtaking gardens; you don’t need one of your own. Here, we can borrow all the joy of a beautiful garden without lifting a shovel. (But I’d hate to see you miss out on the sense of accomplishment inherent in gardening.) So, whether you garden … Read More

  • Plants for Back, Middle, Front Of Garden

    Portland Tribune Column

      Anne Jaeger R-e-s-p-e-c-t: Summer Flowering Plants The best summer flowering plants in my book are a tough crowd. In fairness, if you ask me the same question tomorrow you might get a slightly different list. And no doubt, I’d supply countless suggestions given more time and space for my every garden whim. But to … Read More