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  • Garden Art For Sale

    Portland Tribune Column

    Cracked Pots Anne Jaeger Portland is such a hot bed for garden artists like Gina Nash. A tin can isn’t just a tin can in her hands. In a flash of light, blue hot from her blow torch, Nash transforms one soup can after another into shades for string lights which will fetch about $70 … Read More

  • Hardy Fuchsia Like Jewel, Dar-Link

    Portland Tribune Column

    Hardy Fuchsia Anne Jaeger To my eye, hardy fuchsias are the costume jewelry of the garden. Glitzy, gem toned wonders that take a lickin’ and keep on tickin.’ They sparkle all summer if you just remember to water and fertilize. I mean, what’s not to love about fuchsias? Except that some varieties just don’t live … Read More

  • Loveliness of Lilies

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Lilies are a full meal deal. The plant is completely self-contained and ready to party. All you do is plant the bulb and it does the rest. The flowers already are inside the bulbs just waiting for the security of soil around them before launching into great displays of color this time of … Read More

  • Tower of Flower- Delphinium

    Portland Tribune Column

    Delphiniums Anne Jaeger   In my book, delphiniums are perfection. I mean, just look at that flower… er, those flowers. What you see isn’t just one flower it’s a tower of flowers on one tall (4 to 7 foot) spire. Sadly for us, the first flush of flowers is almost gone now.  So, follow my … Read More

  • Origins of The Oregon Garden

    Portland Tribune Column

    The Oregon Garden Anne Jaeger   “You can plant a nail in Oregon’s soil and it’ll grow.” Can’t you just hear the pioneers saying that 150 years ago and glad-handing each other at their good fortune? Funny or not, it’s still true today. So it never did seem quite right that Oregon didn’t have a … Read More

  • Delightful Echeveria

    Portland Tribune Column

    Anne Jaeger Here’s a plant you will never have to spray, prune, deadhead or tie up to support. If you ask me, it should be called the “neglect plant” but the 18th century botanist who discovered it decided to name it after himself, so its common name’s a little more difficult to remember; “Echeveria” (say: … Read More